6th Annual Research Strategy Meeting (ARSM)

"Advancing Low Frequency Antennas"

January 28-29, 2020
University of California, Los Angeles
Mong Learning Center, Engineering VI Building

Join leading experts from academia, government organizations, and industry in discussing the latest developments in EM and mechanical systems. 


    • History of ferroic based antennas
    • Test data on a 1Khz Multi-Ferroic (MF) transmission
    • Test data on a 100 MHz MF antenna
    • Test data and comparative analysis on a ULF MF antenna
    • Test data on a ULF MF antenna
    • Test data on mechanical oscillations of permanent magnetics 
    • Computational FDTD approach for MF antennas
    • Tests on a 2.1 GHz MF antenna
    • Test data on a HBAW MF antenna ~2GHz
    • Test data on a ~20kHz MF antenna
    • Test data on a LiNbO based antenna (ferroelectric)
    • Continuum modeling of MF antenna
    • Test and analysis of a MF antenna at 350 MHz
    • Test data on a fiber coated based MF antenna trasmissions
    • Test data on a PZT based antenna (ferroelectric) ULF
    • Test data on mechanical moving permanent magnetics 
    • Mechanically driven antenna comparisons