6th Annual Research Strategy Meeting (ARSM)

"Advancing Low Frequency Antennas"

January 28-29, 2020
University of California, Los Angeles

Join leading experts from academia, government organizations, and industry in discussing the latest developments in EM and mechanical systems. 


    • History of ferroic based antennas
    • Test data on a 1Khz Multi-Ferroic (MF) transmission
    • Test data on a 100 MHz MF antenna
    • Test data and comparative analysis on a ULF MF antenna
    • Test data on a ULF MF antenna
    • Test data on mechanical oscillations of permanent magnetics 
    • Computational FDTD approach for MF antennas
    • Tests on a 2.1 GHz MF antenna
    • Test data on a HBAW MF antenna ~2GHz
    • Test data on a ~20kHz MF antenna
    • Test data on a LiNbO based antenna (ferroelectric)
    • Continuum modeling of MF antenna
    • Test and analysis of a MF antenna at 350 MHz
    • Test data on a fiber coated based MF antenna trasmissions
    • Test data on a PZT based antenna (ferroelectric) ULF
    • Test data on mechanical moving permanent magnetics 
    • Mechanically driven antenna comparisons
Author information, titles and abstracts coming soon!