2019 ARSM
Annual Research Strategy Meeting

Research Opportunities in Multiferroic and Magnetoelectric Devices

January 29-30, 2019

 The purpose of this meeting is to investigate the research and translational opportunities for multiferroic and magnetoelectric devices. The research areas of interest include modeling, materials, and testing to better understand the physics in the context of application spaces needed to move this area from a novel curiosity to practical implementation.  This area offers a new approach to overcome the age old problem of efficiently controlling magnetism in the small scale.

This workshop is open to the public with participation expected from academia, industry and government agencies. 

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Wide-band Multiferroic Quartz MEMS Antennae

R. L. Kubena, …W. S. Wall
Presenter: Randall Kubena, HRL

Experimental Demonstration of a Multiferroic Antenna at Low Frequencies

J. D. Schneider, …G. P. Carman
Presenter: Joseph Schneider, UCLA

Modeling the strain-mediated control of dipole fields around macro-scale nonlinear magnetoelastic materials

J. Domann, …G. P. Carman 
Presenter: John Domann, Virginia Tech

Architecture and Modeling of Multiferroic Antennas

Z. Yao, …Y.E. Wang
Presenter: Zhi (Jackie) Yao, UCLA

Shear Wave Driven Electrically Small Magnetoelastic Antenna

A.E. Sepulveda, …J. Hu
Presenter: Abdon Sepulveda, UCLA

VIBRational ANTennas (VIBRANT) for Long Wave Applications

G. McKnight, …C. Sennott
Presenter: David Shahan, HRL

Reducing the Write Error Rate in Voltage-Controlled Magnetic Anisotropy Switching

A. Razavi, …K.L. Wang
Presenter: Armin Razavi, UCLA

Quantitative and Scalable Cell Separation using Magnetic Ratcheting Cytometry

C. Murray
Presenter: Coleman Murray, Ferrologix Inc

Programmable Single Domain Terfenol-D Micromagnets for Single-cell Manipulation

R. Khojah, …D. Di Carlo
Presenter: Reem Khojah, UCLA

Monte-Carlo simulations of granular multiferroics

O.G. Udalov, …S.H. Tolbert, UCLA
Presenter: Oleg Udalov, California State University Northridge

Nanocrystal Based Multiferroic and Magnetoelectric Materials

S. Sasaki, …S. H. Tolbert
Presenter: Sarah Tolbert, UCLA

Effect of Carbon Content on FeGa and FeCo based Thin Film Magnetostrictive Materials

C. Dong, …N. X. Sun 
Presenter: Cunzheng Dong, Northeastern University

Giant Magnetostriction and Low Loss in FeGa/NiFe Laminates for Strain-Mediated Multiferroic Micro-Antenna Applications

K. Fitzell, …R. Henderson
Presenter: Kevin Fitzell, UCLA

Magnetoelectric Coupling in Mesoporous Composites of Bismuth Ferrite and Cobalt Ferrite

T. Karaba, …S. H. Tolbert
Presenter: Ty Karaba, UCLA

Ultra-Low-Power Current Sensing with Magnetoelectric Nanowires

M. J. Bauer, …J. S. Andrew
Presenter: Matthew Bauer, University of Florida

Applications of acoustically driven ferromagnetic resonance for magnetic sensing

D. Labanowski, …S. Salahuddin
Presenter: Dominic Labanowski, Sonera Magnetics, Inc.

Spin Wave/Surface Acoustic Wave Coupling Measured Using Brillouin Light Scattering

K. E. Nygren, …K. Buchanan
Presenter: Kristen Buchanan, Colorado State University

Different Methods for Characterizing Composite Multiferroic Systems

Z. Xiao, …J. P. Chang
Presenter: Zhuyun Xiao, UCLA

Circularly and linearly polarized x-ray ferromagnetic resonance

P. Shafer, E. Arenholz  
Presenter: Christoph Klewe, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Effects of Elemental Orbital Magnetic Moment on Magnetic Anisotropy of Magnetostrictive Tb0.3Dy0.7Fe2 Film

T. Lee, …G. P. Carman
Presenter: Taehwan (Ted) Lee, UCLA

A materials design framework for high-performance embedded magnetic memory based on experimental nanoscale element distribution

X. Li, …K. L. Wang
Presenter: Xiang Li, Stanford University

Electric-field controlled magnetic reorientation in exchanged coupled CoFeB/Ni bilayer microstructures

Z. Xiao, R. N. Candler
Presenter: Maite Goiriena, UC Berkeley

Voltage control of perpendicular magnetization in CoFeB/PZT heterostructure

Q. Wang, …G. P. Carman
Presenter: John Nance, UCLA

Ferroelectric control of magnetism at the Pt/BaTiO3 composite thin films

Q. Sun, … N. Kioussis
Presenter: Qilong Sun, California State University, Northridge

Spin-Orbit Torque in Pt/Co Bilayer System: A First Principles Study

F. Mahfouzi, …N. Kioussis
Presenter: Farzad Mahfouzi, California State University, Northridge

Colossal Electric Field Control of Magnetic Anisotropy in Ir-capped Ferromagnetic Interfaces

S. Kwon, …F. Mahfouzi
Presenter: Sohee Kwon, California State University, Northridge


  Acoustically Driven Ferromagnetic Resonance for Antenna Applications

            Presented by Adi Jung, University of California, Berkeley

Capturing Magnetic Bead-based Arrays Using Perpindicular Magnetic Anisotropy (PMA)

            Presented by Yu-Ching Hsiao, University of California, Los Angeles

Characterization of Electrically Small Antennas Operating Below 1 GHz

            Presented by Nishanth Virushabadoss, University of Texas at Dallas

Chemical Synthesis of Monodisperse Half Metallic Nanoparticles for Room Temperature Granular Multiferroic

            Presented by Jeffrey Kurish, University of California, Los Angeles

Core-Shell Multiferroics: A New Geometry of Multiferroics

            Presented by Jakhangirkhodja Tulyagankhodjaev, University of California, Los Angeles

Electrically Small Antenna Based on Solidly Mounted Resonator

            Presented by Jin-Zhao Hu, University of California, Los Angeles

Experimental Study of Dynamic Multiferroics for Radio Frequency Devices

            Presented by Sidhant Tiwari, University of California, Los Angeles

Giant Magnetostriction and Low Loss in FeGa/NiFe Composites for Strain-Mediated Multiferroic Antenna Application

            Presented by Adrian Acosta, University of California, Los Angeles

Magnetic Bead Release Using Magnetoelectric Heterostructures

            Presented by Michael Guevara, University of California, Los Angeles

Magnetoelectric Coupling in Mesoporous Composites of Bismuth Ferrite and Cobalt Ferrite

            Presented by Shreya Patel, University of California, Los Angeles

Magnetostrictive Antiferromagnetic L10-Fe50Mn50 for High Speed Multiferroic Applications 

   Presented by Paymon Shirazi, University of California, Los Angeles

Micropatterning of Terfenol-D Thin Films for Memory and Motor Applications

   Presented by Mochandra Panduranga, University of California, Los Angeles

Modeling the Effects of Ferroelectric Domain Wall Motion on Magnetic Nano-Islands in Strain-Mediated Heterostructures

            Presented by Auni Kundu, University of California, Los Angeles

Modulation of Voltage-Controlled Magnetic Anisotropy Through Interface Engineering Alloying in FeCo/MgO Heterostructures

            Presented by Malcolm Jackson, California State University Northridge

Performance-Enhancing Anchor Design for NEMS Magnetoelectric Antennas

            Presented by Xianfeng Liang, Northeastern University

Single Crystal Epitaxial FeGa on PMN-PT for the Motor Testbed

            Presented by Rachel Steinhardt, Cornell University

Switching from In-Plane to Vortex States in Dipole-Coupled Arrays Using Spin Orbit Torque

            Presented by John Nance, University of California, Los Angeles